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Raymond Nashar rnashar at msj.melb.catholic.edu.au
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Try www.fraynework.com.au

Don't let the 'not for profit' fool you - they do some great stuff:
"Fraynework is a not for profit organisation established to create  
multimedia productions which promote greater understanding between  
peoples and which contribute to the development of a more just and  
compassionate world. We assist people to tell their stories in clear,  
compelling, informative and engaging ways through rich media and the  
interactivity of digital formats. We call this 'digital story telling'.

Fraynework is founded on a deep respect for the values which preserve  
the dignity and rights of all peoples and the integrity of all  
creation. A focus of our productions lies within the Community and  
Education sectors. We value our partnerships with Indigenous  
Australians and with Community based organisations.

Fraynework values the depth, richness and creative potential of  
diverse cultures, both within Australia and in those areas of the  
world where we are invited to assist people in the telling of their  
stories through digital means."

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> Mallacoota

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