[vet-mm] Analysis of ICT Curriculum and Resource Provision

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Mon Mar 2 14:17:13 EST 2009

Apologies for the cross-posts..

G'day everyone.


At Star of the Sea College, we have commenced an analysis/review of ICT
Curriculum and Resources.


I'm posting in the hope that some kind souls would take 5 minutes of your
day to complete the questionnaire (below) and email your response directly
to me rather than to the list at tjugovic at starmelb.catholic.edu.au 


I am more than happy to be overwhelmed by your responses, and I shall (if
there are enough replies) complete a general summary (without naming
schools) and provide this feedback to the lists to benefit us all.


Many thanks in advance.


Yours sincerely,

Tony Jugovic



Analysis of ICT Curriculum and Resource Provision

.         School:

.         Number of students: 

.         Length of Cycle i.e. 10 day:

.         Length of Lessons: 

.         Year levels where ICT is a core subject:

.         Topics covered in core ICT classes:      

.         Year levels where ICT is an elective (indicate if term or semester
in length):

.         Number of computer labs: 

.         Number of computers in general purpose classrooms: 

.         Do staff have laptops:

.         Do subjects other than ICT report against the ICT Dimensions? 

o   If yes, who is responsible for the 'skilling up' of teachers in order to
complete VELS assessment in this Domain?

.         Please list the staffing resources your school provides to assist
teachers in using technology to facilitate teaching and learning .i.e.
e-Learning Coordinator .5, ICT Coordinator, access to online services such
as Atomic Learning etc

.         Any other relevant information.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey



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