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> Dear list
> As many of you would know from the last couple of years, this is the 
> time of year when we at Northland Design Studies run an event called 
> "Industry iNsight Day" for our students. We do this to skill them up with 
> current industry knowledge and it's one way we help them achieve 
> competency for "Apply industry knowledge".
> We have opened this up to other schools to attend and thought it may be 
> appropriate to send to the list.
> There is no fee, it is just for the benefit of students.
> Attached is a summary and booking form. 
> For Bookings please reply to northlanddesignstudies at gmail.com - Not a reply 
> to this address.
> Groups of less than 6 students are welcome to attend unaccompanied, 
> however larger groups will need to come with supervising staff.
> All students attending will receive a certificate of participation.
> We can't quite confirm a detailed presenter list yet, but at the moment 
> we have; Illustrators, Web designer, several Graphic designers, Textile 
> and Fashion Merchandisers, 3D Modeling and Exhibition design, Film 
> maker, Video artist & Magazine layout specialist. As well as all this, 
> there will be 08 Ex-students and honors students completing internships, 
> to advise students on tertiary entrance study.
> If required, a more detailed list of presenters can be forwarded closer 
> to the event.
> For any enquiries please contact Northland Design Studies  
> northlanddesignstudies at gmail.com
> or phone 9478 1333
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