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Personal experiences with MY wiifit are really positive, and I would definitely attest that you can get fitter using it regularly (like any exercise program)

In fact it makes it fun, and interactive, and caters for a range of fitness levels.


The Guitar Hero stuff blew me away (my kids saved up their own money to get it..ages 9, 10 and 12.) It has taught them about rhythm, pitch, developed amazing hand eye coordination. None of them were the least bit musically inclined, and now, when I have a turn they tell me that I need to “hit the notes on the right beat”. They have also developed an appreciation for a much wider range of music styles.

The amazing cooperation as they help each other, so the “band” isn’t booed off stage is a sight to behold. Having taught gamemaking I found similar collaborative learning teams develop. Not sure if it was because it was games, or because of the way the class was structured that they could collaborate.


I haven’t used it in the classroom, but here are links to a Victorian teacher who has been doing some awesome stuff with the wii and wiifit. I think you will find them not only of educational value, but engaging the kids so they want to learn J always a good thing








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The intentions of using Wii in the class room to promote Learning and in nursing homes to promote Health are very encouraging and noble in essence.

However, being a sceptic and a cynic I question the real value of the Wii for loosing weight, improving coordination, and bettering your memory. 

What studies were conducted to prove this?

Who conducted the studies?

Who paid for the studies?

What were the conclusions?

What methodology was used?

Or are we merely jumping on the bandwagon of Nintendo advertising, with the end result of higher sales and better share values? 




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Apologies for the cross posts.

Since my emails yesterday we have had a couple of queries regarding Wii Idol and So you think you can rock? And what the competitions entail, so here is the information again.

Wii Idol and So you think you can rock? Are competitions designed to encourage teachers to use games in the classroom and to motivate student learning by using the popular game Wii Music and Guitar Hero: World Tour .

Studies have shown that using games such as Guitar Hero and Wii Music substantially improved attention, collaboration and results in the classroom . Games can make learning a dynamic, rewarding and relevant experience that resonates so much with students they want to be a part of it.

VITTA is leading the way in creating positive perceptions of games in the classroom; we have created a new initiative which will bring games to Victorian schools in a fun and educational competition.

Free Training Sessions!

VITTA will be running free training sessions in the coming weeks for all those interested in competing in the competition, or simply want to learn more about the use of this technology in the classroom.

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