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JanetThomson at caulfieldgs.vic.edu.au JanetThomson at caulfieldgs.vic.edu.au
Tue Aug 18 09:21:18 EST 2009

Eliminate all the hassles of using firewire cables and the long process
of file transferral with flip cameras. Their film quality is very good.
They are simple to use, economical and work with either mac or PC. The
save as avi and their best asset is that they have shot and share
capability. Just plug them into the flash drive to transfer files.  We
bought 5 for the library and I use them for IDM. They are an asset for
any school. Buy the mino (also available in HD) with internal
rechargeable lithium battery they are better than the ultra. (using 2 AA
rechareable batteries) Also this company did us a deal for a good price
Hope this helps.
Janet Thomson
Caulfield Grammar school

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At Thomastown we want to buy some Video Cameras for use in the new Media
next year and in other areas of the curriculum. I am was wondering if
anyone on 
this list could provide tips on what cameras are best for this purpose
and the 
best place to buy them. I am sure many of you will already have answered
Rob Byrne

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