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Hi Rachelle

What software are you editing on? Is the camera output  compatible with
Adobe Premier and Final Cut?
Cost of cameras?


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We just bought 6 new digital video cams. Sony HDR-XR100. 80gig hard drive.
Up to 33 hrs recording. 1920x1080 high def recording. 4.0 mega pixel still
images.  They are great.  No more tapes. yay!! Bought them from Lanmark
computers. Got them to throw in some camera bags.
Rachelle McLean
Hallam Senior College

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At Thomastown we want to buy some Video Cameras for use in the new Media
next year and in other areas of the curriculum. I am was wondering if anyone
this list could provide tips on what cameras are best for this purpose and
best place to buy them. I am sure many of you will already have answered
Rob Byrne

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