[vet-mm] Please help a Goose

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Hi Everyone,

Marian suggested that I provide a personal email address, if you can help me, which I should have done initially: edwajoh1 at lavalla.sale.catholic.edu.au<mailto:edwajoh1 at lavalla.sale.catholic.edu.au>

Specifically, programs for the old year 11 and 12 multimedia course. I did have programs set out in terms of time, unit, activities and resources. If yours is different that is not a problem at all, I would be grateful for any assistance. It is a huge job to start from scratch again especially for a course we will no longer teach.

Kind Regards,

John Edwards

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Hi John,
do you want to send your personal email to the list so that people can send you stuff directly? Also can you specify what you need?

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Hi Everyone,

This is a story of an IT teacher that really knows better...On Friday I accidently deleted the folder that had all of my programs for the old year 11 multimedia course and the year 12 course that we are currently teaching.

To make the situation worse I am facing an audit in about a month and they will need to see all those programs despite the fact that we are now teaching a new course.

Is there anyone that could please help an IT teacher that should know better and have backup copies in multiple locations with some programs that I use? I am in the process of writing the programs for the new year 11 course and would gratefully do a swap when I am finished.

Many Thanks,

John Edwards

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