[vet-mm] Fw: Free Photoshop E-book

Jacqui jacquih at netspace.net.au
Mon Apr 6 19:55:30 EST 2009

Thanks Glenn for a fantastic link. I have just downloaded this file 
undertaking a "journey" of really not knowing what I was doing. For any 
that undergo my issues Firefox downloaded it and CA virus software 
changed it to .efw. Thanks to Marian I changed the file ext to .rar. The 
"winrar you suggested needed two mobile phone  SMS messages. Off to web 
again suggested PKzip which worked beautifully.
Jacqui Hewitt

Glenn Drew wrote:
> This is such a great free download, I can't believe it is legal. Has 
> it been suggested before on this list?
> The authors are lectureres at RMIT too, sample images are from around 
> Melbourne. The content makes it an essential text for MM students. 
> Very relevant projects for our students, but they require the DVD images.
> http://www.ebook3000.com/PhotoShop-CS3-Essential-Skills_22505.html
> Glenn Drew
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