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Hi Kevork,
I am in the same dilemma....
Hoping someone out there knows something

Suzanne Arnott
ICT Staff Support
Photography and Multimedia Coordinator
Elisabeth Murdoch College
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Hi Folks,

 Not having taught VET MM and not having had a class for the last 2
years, I need some assistance in preparing the VCE handbook for next
year please.

 I have read the VCAA advice that states :
"The Film, Television, Radio and Multimedia Training Package is
currently under review. Once the new package is endorsed, a revised VCE
VET program will be developed ready for implementation in 2009."

 Currently we have the blurb from the previous version ( or is it still
current ?) as follows :

Certificate II in Multimedia (VCE VET Units 1 * 2) :

The aims of the VCE VET Multimedia program are to :
* provide participants with the knowledge and skills development
for the achievement of units of competence that will enhance their
employment within the multimedia industry
* enable participants to gain a recognised credential and make a
informed choice of vocational and career paths.

Units of Competence include:
Develop and apply industry knowledge
Follow health, safety and security procedures
Create, manipulate and incorporate 2D graphics
Identify components of multimedia
Incorporate text into multimedia presentations
Incorporate audio into multimedia presentations
Produce and manipulate digital images
Update webpages
Use an authoring tool to create an interactive sequence
Use advanced features of computer applications*
*This unit of competence is completed over 2 years

Certifi cate III in Multimedia (VCE VET Units 3 * 4)

Units of Competence include:

Apply principles of visual design and communication to the
development of a media product
Create 2D digital animation
Develop a multimedia script
Create webpages with multimedia
Write content and/or copy
Use advanced features of computer applications*
*This unit of competence is completed over 2 years

  To what extent is the above description still accurate or will the
new package completely replace all of the above at both Cert II and Cert
III  ?
Where can I get the an outline of the blurb for next year if the above
is not accurate ? or is that simply impossible at the moment ?

With thanks and Kind Regards
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