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peterfowler at optusnet.com.au peterfowler at optusnet.com.au
Fri Mar 7 14:30:03 EST 2008

Hi List,
I must be slightly dense but I can't find the new training package on the NTIS site.
I have tried searching for the code and browsing through the list of packages but to no avail.
Can someone PLEASE put a link on an email and reply.

Also Ana the doc your attachment won't open in Mac land it comes up as gobbly-gook.
Can you attach it as a word.doc

The whole notion of change is scary enough let alone trying to implement it for the commencement of next year.
Hopefully some of my fears will be sated once I have a good look at the new package.

Thanks in anticipation.
Yours Sincerely
Peter Fowler
Swinburne Senior Secondary College

> Stoney, Marian Sy <stoney.marian.sy at edumail.vic.gov.au> wrote:
> Hi again listers,
> sick of me yet?
> It was announced today at the VCAA workshop that the new training 
> package is out, and it spells major changes. Believe it or not, there 
> will be no Certificate in Multimedia anymore. It will no longer  be 
> under the Film, TV and.. (was it Radio?)...TP. It's now the Screen and 
> Media TP.
> It does NOT include the word multimedia anywhere in the titles of the 
> units either, that I could see - I have had a quick glance.
> It's available on the NTIS site, under CUF07.
> It includes Certificate II in Creative Industries (Media) which is 8 
> units (this is the only Cert II there!) and Certificate III in Media, 
> which is 11 units. The hours for each have not yet been decided and 
> won't be until mid-year so VCAA is still unsure of how long each course 
> will be. It is not like the Cert III encompasses the Cert II as with the 
> current situation. They are two separate certs, although they may have 
> some common content (such as OHS).
> VCAA has not yet chosen the units - this will be done with a steering 
> committee of 10 that will include representation by secondary teacher/s. 
> I have expressed interest on behalf of PixelEd. About 400 hours over the 
> two years is needed, so not having the hours yet is a real problem in 
> the choosing of the units.
> Core units in the Cert III (? or was it the Cert II?) that I noted down 
> were:
> *	Critical thinking
> *	Arts knowledge
> *	OHS
> *	Working effectively with others
> Students who are currently doing Cert II WILL be able to complete Cert 
> III under our current TP. The current TP is "superseded" but has not 
> expired as such - apparently they don't. VCAA are hoping to get the new 
> one underway  for NEW students next year, because they are concerned 
> that it is not good to wait until 2010 to introduce the new one, dated 
> 2007.... but there is some chance that it may have to be 2010.
> It may be that the hours are so great that the Unit 3/4 sequence may 
> offer only partial completion of the Cert III. Apparently this happens 
> in other VETiS areas. Hopefully the Cert II will be only one year. 
> Possibly the Cert III will be done over  the two years (like the old 
> Cert II in Interactive Multimedia (Arts)), ie it may be possible that we 
> offer only  the Cert III.
> The immediately obvious issue is the loss of the word Multimedia in the 
> title. If it were to become VET Media, we are going to lose students, 
> maybe even schools. Why offer two Media subjects?  It seems a real pity 
> to lose our identity and unique status, the result for many of us in 
> schools of years of work building up a profile and a student following.
> There is a precedent for the VETiS course differing in name from the 
> certificate name - VET Agriculture was chosen as a name because the 
> certificate name, Rural Production, wasn't popular, probably a decision 
> made by the steering committee. Maybe we should be coming up with a 
> suggestion for a suitable name and proposing it to VCAA?
> On the bright side, there are two units on 3D animation - maybe one will 
> make it into the final mix.
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