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Hi again listers,
sick of me yet?
It was announced today at the VCAA workshop that the new training package is out, and it spells major changes. Believe it or not, there will be no Certificate in Multimedia anymore. It will no longer  be under the Film, TV and.. (was it Radio?)...TP. It's now the Screen and Media TP.
It does NOT include the word multimedia anywhere in the titles of the units either, that I could see - I have had a quick glance. 
It's available on the NTIS site, under CUF07.
It includes Certificate II in Creative Industries (Media) which is 8 units (this is the only Cert II there!) and Certificate III in Media, which is 11 units. The hours for each have not yet been decided and won't be until mid-year so VCAA is still unsure of how long each course will be. It is not like the Cert III encompasses the Cert II as with the current situation. They are two separate certs, although they may have some common content (such as OHS).
VCAA has not yet chosen the units - this will be done with a steering committee of 10 that will include representation by secondary teacher/s. I have expressed interest on behalf of PixelEd. About 400 hours over the two years is needed, so not having the hours yet is a real problem in the choosing of the units.
Core units in the Cert III (? or was it the Cert II?) that I noted down were:

*	Critical thinking
*	Arts knowledge
*	Working effectively with others

Students who are currently doing Cert II WILL be able to complete Cert III under our current TP. The current TP is "superseded" but has not expired as such - apparently they don't. VCAA are hoping to get the new one underway  for NEW students next year, because they are concerned that it is not good to wait until 2010 to introduce the new one, dated 2007.... but there is some chance that it may have to be 2010.
It may be that the hours are so great that the Unit 3/4 sequence may offer only partial completion of the Cert III. Apparently this happens in other VETiS areas. Hopefully the Cert II will be only one year. Possibly the Cert III will be done over  the two years (like the old Cert II in Interactive Multimedia (Arts)), ie it may be possible that we offer only  the Cert III.
The immediately obvious issue is the loss of the word Multimedia in the title. If it were to become VET Media, we are going to lose students, maybe even schools. Why offer two Media subjects?  It seems a real pity to lose our identity and unique status, the result for many of us in schools of years of work building up a profile and a student following. 
There is a precedent for the VETiS course differing in name from the certificate name - VET Agriculture was chosen as a name because the certificate name, Rural Production, wasn't popular, probably a decision made by the steering committee. Maybe we should be coming up with a suggestion for a suitable name and proposing it to VCAA?
On the bright side, there are two units on 3D animation - maybe one will make it into the final mix.



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