[vet-mm] Eduwiki set up and running at Edulists

Kevork Krozian kevork at edulists.com.au
Tue Jan 22 23:04:28 EST 2008

Hi Folks,

 While you are still enjoying your holidays .......
 Just thought it would be a good feature to add a Wiki to the Edulists structure and have set up dokuwiki linked directly from the home page of edulists at www.edulists.com.au . One active wiki ( PHP and MySQL text ) is up and running.
 There is a playground wiki where you can do what you like and play, and in addition , in the spirit of Wiki setup there is no restriction on anyone joining or editing a page. I can create new wikis upon request and there is a way any subscriber can add their own wiki, but I don't want to encourage that just yet. 

I hope to add many more wikis as the need arises and certainly wish that this serves our needs in the future.
Comments/criticisms/complaints/complements all welcome to the usual place kevork at edulists.com.au 

Best Wishes

Kevork Krozian
Edulists Creator and Administrator
kevork at edulists.com.au
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