[vet-mm] Cert III - first time

mike portley mikeportley at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 10 11:27:10 EST 2008

   Hi, I know it's early - I hope people are having a lovely holiday. I have taught Cert II for the last 2 years, but am now teaching Cert III (MM) for the first time. I have a reasonable idea of the training package requirements, but need help with a few helpful links for resources including: programming tutorials/lesson structuring, and especially ideas about how students should set out visual diary/digital portfolio for scored assessment. I teach at Fawkner SC. My students have a low skill level (and personal discipline) - so I really need basic building block type help for certificate qualification and pointers for the 1 or 2 students who may be tempted to increase their enter score. If anyone could email me a few helpful links, that would be nice. My email is: mikeportley at hotmail.com 
Kind regards,
Michael Portley
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