[vet-mm] Past papers

Andrew Shortell a.shortell at braemar.vic.edu.au
Mon Feb 18 10:24:28 EST 2008

Hi John

Just Quietly :-----Did you have a look in that zip file that Mark
Ridgeway put up for download?


Maybe many of your questions will be answered

I have not checked for passwords but you can look through the archives
of this list and you will find them





mailto:andrew at braemar.vic.edu.au



Andrew Shortell

Braemar College




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I was told that there was a CD that went to every school library each
year, with every single exam on it.  Has anyone else heard this?  I've
never seen it though - I got all my exam exes from other teachers in
schools.  Will comment further off-list.


Michelle Dennis


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Hi All, 

This is probably a silly question but then there really are no silly
questions as I tell my students. I have printed the pdf files for the
past exams but obviously there is script and so forth that does not show
in these files. How do I get a look at the executable (?) file for these


John Edwards 
Nagle House Co-ordinator 
Lavalla Catholic College 
ph: 51748111 


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