[vet-mm] Quality Inkjet printer

Brian Pearce BPearce at clc.vic.edu.au
Tue Apr 22 14:58:47 EST 2008

Hi Tania,


The Canon ip5000 is very good quality, fairly fast, lots of options up
to A4 and closes up nicely to keep out dust & dirt etc.

I'm not sure of the economy. It has separate CYMB cartridges and a
larger black one for B&W printing. It costs about $100 to replace the



Brian Pearce,

CLC, Eltham.



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Hi List,


Can anyone suggest an Inkjet printer capable of high quality and volume
glossy photographic prints? We currently have an Epsom Photo, but it's
not very economical/ quality. Is anyone using anything amazing? Would
appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.


Kind Regards,

Tania Taylor 
Head Visual Arts P-12 
Oakleigh Greek Orthodox College 
77-81 Willesden Rd 
Oakleigh VIC 
Ph: 95696128 



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