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It is one of those issues that doesn't have a direct answer. The differentiation between VCE Media and VET Media should be quite substantial especially with respect to the theory in Unit 3&4 Media. VCE Media has a SAT which is a production and usually only has a 10 week timeline attached. The rest of the course work is assessed through SAC's and is predominantly analysis of the media (film and television).
Whereas VET Media hopefully will remain essentially a practical based course with links to the industry.
I have another dilemma which is the justification of running two streams of VET Media as our school offers VET Broadcasting as well as VET Multimedia at the moment. Both these courses come under umbrella of VET Media.

We have to be careful not to act prematurely and should wait and see what the possibilities the new course can offer.
If it is a disaster then perhaps we all should consider the possibility of running a specialized Studio Arts Multimedia course as Suzanne Arnott suggested.

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Peter Fowler
Swinburne Senior Secondary College

> Brian Pearce <BPearce at clc.vic.edu.au> wrote:

Does anyone else think it will be difficult to justify running the new
VET Media Certificate and the VCE Media studies course at the same
school ?

>From the info I've seen it seems it will be difficult to distinguish
them apart, unless the teacher has control over which of the possible
UOCs are offered and chooses to make it as different as possible.


Brian Pearce




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After the discussions when the changes came out I have to say I looked
through the links


and was waiting to hear which units were likely to be included in the
VET in schools units....

Well today I got a flyer from edsonic with support materials, and the
list of units....

Which are definitely reflecting the screen and media. This is all great,
however, I would love to know what will be expected of us, as the focus
of the course has changed so much....the students who will be attracted
to this course are totally different.

Has anyone heard more information?



Suzanne Arnott

ICT Staff Support

Photography and Multimedia Coordinator

Elisabeth Murdoch College




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