[vet-mm] 2007 3in6 video and animation awards news letter

Bill Oldham billo at kew.hotkey.net.au
Wed Sep 5 16:56:27 EST 2007

Hello every one!

My apologies for the cross posts.

If there is some one in your school that this might apply to, would you
please forward to them?

Likewise, if there are any national mailing lists that you know of where
this might be of interest could you please forward to both that list and to

Registrations for the primary, junior and senior sections of the video and
animation sections are coming in steadily now. But the more the merrier.

To register, please go here http://drupal.vitta.org.au/node/31

Any questions, suggestions or comments, please contact me. I am very much a
newbie to this and will be appreciative of your thoughts.

Regards, Bill Oldham (Year 11 IT and Year 11 VET sessional teacher from
Chisholm TAFE)

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