[vet-mm] Examiners Report 06

Mark Russell markwingara at optusnet.com.au
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Sorry to interrupt the thread on this discussion, but I'm in need of a bit
of advice. 

I've been trying to post some more info regarding the Industry Day at
Northland SC on the 1st of August. I posted to 

vet-mm at edulists.com.au, but it didn't appear in my mail box. Is there a
problem with attaching files? (PDF's)

I know the first round of general info got out a few weeks back, as I
remember seeing a comment from Stuart Bush talking about posting it on the
Pixel Ed news.

On this occasion I was hoping to inform people of the speaker program, to
allow students to book in.

Could some one please advise.


Mark Russell


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Thanks Paul,
I'll sign up over the weekend and have a good browse.
Claire :-)

Paul Conway wrote: 



You have to register to see the material and for commenting.



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