[vet-mm] 3/4 Unit MM

Mario myannaka at bigpond.net.au
Thu Dec 6 15:55:40 EST 2007

I would do things a little different once again to the previous teachers.

Because scripting is the most difficult topic for the kids to understand, 

I would have Visual Design Principles on its own in term 1 Within 4 weeks (product)
Why within 4 weeks ? Because most vet-mm students know something about design through VCD , anyway. 

I would couple write content copy with animation in the rest of term 1 and all of term 2 (portfolio) Why would i stretch this out? Because animation takes forever to perfect ...It is very time consuming...

I would couple scripting with web pages all of term 3(portfolio)Why? Because sripting is the most difficult and is the last thing that the students have done before the exam or exam revision - so it fresh in their minds before exam time...

I hope this all makes sense.


Mario Yannakakis

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