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Copyright law was changed in 2005. It used to be 50 years but now has increased to 70 years after the first publication date, which means that Cliff Richard whilst he may look that old probably still has copyright ownership over his music.
If you need specific info on copyright law check out 
I am unsure about sampling small sections of music but you are much safer either composing something new or going for royalty free music.
Even royalty free music needs permission to be reused.
I have attached a pdf which outlines general copyright law but it will just give you an overview rather than specifics.
You may need to look further to find info on sampling.
Good luck.
Yours Sincerely
Peter Fowler
Swinburne Senior Secondary College

> Stuart James Bush <subscriptions at sjbsolutions.com.au> wrote:
> Hi Glenn,
> For the life of me, I can't seem to find my original reply to this e- 
> mail. Basically, quick answer, in school its fine, out of school, its  
> not.
> Finding royalty-free music to begin with or having students create  
> their own music would be a much better approach.
> I've seen students create work thats been accepted into ATOM and have  
> struggled to find suitable music to replace their original chosen
> music. At university level, all music used needs to be created or  
> have direct written permission by artist. Now that podcasting is  
> becoming
> more and more popular, there are more artists that create "podsafe"  
> music. Again, students would have to approach the artist directly.
> If you need further info about COPYRIGHT, contact your Library AV  
> person, they should be able to provide current documentation.
> Things are always changing, so keep posted!
> Stuart
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