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We assembled for students our own huge collection of assorted copyleft music
and sound effects and limited any use to this collection. Seemed to do the
trick and put the focus back onto the lesson, not resource farming from
obscure online downloads or creative audio editing.

Regards Roland

On 01/04/07, Glenn Drew <gedrew at westnet.com.au> wrote:
> I know this is an old topic and believe it was discussed late last year -
> I
> have lost the emails concerned - but what do other teachers do about music
> in student multimedia products? Particularly those really good ones that
> may
> be selected for wider viewing - TopArts or Top Screens etc.
> Its probably easier to avoid any copyrightable music, but is it possible
> to
> use a portion (eg 20%) or an old track. One of my students wants to use an
> old Cliff Richard song from the early 60s. Is this ok because its more
> than
> 30 years old - or is it 30 years from the artist death?!?!?! - A very grey
> area I know but a tempting one for todays MM students.
> A number of royalty free web sites were mentioned, does anyone have a list
> of sites that students can access for music tracks that can be used in
> Cert
> II & III animations & websites etc.
> Glenn Drew
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