[vet-mm] Copyright

Glenn Drew gedrew at westnet.com.au
Sun Apr 1 18:26:08 EST 2007

I know this is an old topic and believe it was discussed late last year - I 
have lost the emails concerned - but what do other teachers do about music 
in student multimedia products? Particularly those really good ones that may 
be selected for wider viewing - TopArts or Top Screens etc.

Its probably easier to avoid any copyrightable music, but is it possible to 
use a portion (eg 20%) or an old track. One of my students wants to use an 
old Cliff Richard song from the early 60s. Is this ok because its more than 
30 years old - or is it 30 years from the artist death?!?!?! - A very grey 
area I know but a tempting one for todays MM students.

A number of royalty free web sites were mentioned, does anyone have a list 
of sites that students can access for music tracks that can be used in Cert 
II & III animations & websites etc.

Glenn Drew 

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