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Good stuff Claire.
There is an online link to the Age article at :

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In case folks missed it, yesterdays Education Age, had a full page
article on VET MM.
Didn't say much that wasn't in the Examiner's Report, but still worth
giving it to the kids, as every little bit helps reinforce the message!

Also a couple of sites that might be of interest:

Motionbox is an application designed to transfer media to the Internet
from electronic devices such as cell phones and the like.
Users can use it to place their own videos online and perform basic
edits. Visitors can upload their videos, and also look at what other
users have placed online. Motionbox is compatible with all operating

Physics Flash Animations
How does one exactly illustrate the principle of chaos? David M.
Harrison of the Department of Physics at the University of Toronto,
created this site for budding physicists and other interested parties.
The site contains Flash animations that illustrate principles in such
categories as optics, sound waves, vectors, and relativity.

Claire Bloom
Warrandyte High
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