[vet-mm] podcast guide now with RSS, Odeo, and iTunes

ARNOTT Suzanne SA at emc.vic.edu.au
Fri Sep 1 19:26:28 EST 2006

Fantastic Michael....

as I suspected odeo was blocked at school.... but I will be reading the RSS stuff and trying to work through that so we can do it on an intranet level, as the internet is posing problems [ the blockages being from netspace, not us :(


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G'day everyone (esp. Jacqui H, Suzanne A, Rachelle Mc),

I'm sending you the link to the steroid-induced 11 page podcast guide
which now includes 'bubbly NEW' sections on RSS, Odeo and iTunes.  Once
again, feel free to distribute, use, copy or adapt it to any endeavor
you may have.  Would be great to hear feedback as well.


Best regards,


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