[vet-mm] Exam Prep

claire claire at warrandytehigh.vic.edu.au
Thu Oct 5 10:46:23 EST 2006

Hi Everyone,
Following up on thwe student revision lecture last week, it was mentioned the MM exam cover had not been posted yet, in case you hadn't checked, it has now been posted.

Very important for the kids to thoroughly understand the instructions and work out their time management.
One difference I’ve noted is that during reading time, all kids can do is read - they can’t make notes or open applications etc. 
In the past, this was not expressly prohibited, so some kids used to open the programs all ready to start on the prac once their reading time was up, and the assets folder became available.
Once working time starts, I advise my kids not to have too many apps running at once, in case they crash the computer. (no comments from the Mac users!)
Do other people have any exam/revision tips to share?
Claire :-)

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