[vet-mm] 3d drawing package

Paul Maxted pmaxted at delasalle.melb.catholic.edu.au
Sun Nov 19 21:22:36 EST 2006

Hi Marian,

ProDesktop is an engineering 2D/3D program that we use with students from
Yr9 upwards. One reason for using it is that we can give it to the
students to take home and use for free. There are a *lot* of tutorials
which is a big help. Students go on to make Hexapod robots in ProDesktop
which are cut out on our Roland CAM machines (Yr10-11).

Some students take to the program like a duck to water others just 'don't
get it'. I suppose, in terms of difficulty, it would be on par with say
Flash. Some students can do the tweens and stick figures while others make
full flash sites with actionscript. Much like ProDesktop.

If you want to see some tutorials type:

prodesktop dubbo

into Google and check out the first hit. If you want more info email me

pmaxted at delasalle.melb.catholic.edu.au


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