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Thanks David for this info!

David Hyde wrote:

> Hello all,
> Perhaps this email is of interest with regard to the recent comments 
> about the IBSA review of CUF01.
> Good luck
> David
> Centre for Media Design & Arts
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> Subject: [Film TV Radio Forum] Draft qualifications now available for 
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> Hello everyone,
> Well, the moment when the jigsaw comes together has finally arrived. 
> Attached is an overview of how the new qualifications look and how 
> they relate to existing CUF01 qualifications. Almost all the draft 
> qualifications are now available for comment in the Review and 
> Feedback Register - link on the left navigation bar at 
> http://www.ibsa.org.au <http://www.ibsa.org.au/> . You need to 
> register so that you can login - registering takes only a minute or so 
> to complete. Hopefully, most of you have already done this. Under the 
> first heading 'Provide feedback on draft units and qualifications', 
> select 'Film, Television, Radio and Interactive Media - DRAFT UNITS 
> AND QUALIFICATIONS'. Scroll to the bottom of the page where you can 
> select to view qualifications by AQF level. You can enter feedback 
> online or email or phone me directly - we're inviting comment until 
> the end of November.
> To help focus your feedback...
>    1. Core units - are they appropriate? Should there be more or fewer
>       units?
>    2. Packaging rules - if you're from an RTO, do the rules allow you
>       to construct the sort of qualifications you want to offer. From
>       an industry perspective, can you see combinations that make
>       sense for different occupations? A few examples are given - do
>       the selected units make sense?
>    3. Units - most of the draft units are on the feedback register. If
>       something's missing, let me know and I'll tell you when it's
>       going to be available. The core unit in AQF III and IV
>       qualifications - 'IBCIND Work effectively in the screen and
>       media industries' is in the stream 'Industry context' - I
>       suggest you look at it.
>    4. Units that start with the code 'BSB' come from the draft new
>       Business Services Training Package. You can find these units in
>       the review and feedback register - select 'Business Services -
>       DRAFT UNITS AND QUALIFICATIONS' on the main register page.
>    5. Number of units in qualifications: at lower levels these are
>       more or less the same as CUF01. From AQF IV upwards, there are
>       fewer units - most noticeable in the Advanced Diploma of Screen
>       and Media. The move to fewer units in qualifications reflects
>       the 'chunkier' nature of some of the revised or new units, which
>       should attract a reasonable number of contact hours, when the
>       implementation process gets underway at a state level.
> Finally, I encourage you to circulate your comments via the forum - 
> share your views with others. If you think the qualifications work, 
> let us know! Use the feedback mechanism to suggest changes AND to 
> indicate your agreement with something. Silence will be interpreted as 
> agreement, but it would be better to actually see your agreement in 
> writing.
> Art and construction qualifications should be available towards the 
> end of next week.
> I look forward to some lively feedback over the next few weeks.
> Regards
> Linda Marson
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