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Rob Swain RSwain at gordontafe.edu.au
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The TP is most certainly under review and has been for some time.
This has already been mentioned on this list, but www.ibsa.org.au is the
place to go to check its progress and contribute to the review process
with feedback etc.

According to
http://www.ibsa.org.au/content/cultural/tpcuf01_overview.html the
current version of CUF01 expired on 30 May 04 and is under review at the

Some of the main changes that are being made to the TP units include:
* packaging units at no more than two AQF levels
* reducing duplication within and between units
* embedding relevant/appropriate employability and essential skills in
* using Plain English and accepted industry terminology in the wording
of unit titles
* ensuring the language of units is technology-neutral.

Given this discussion it seems appropriate for some of these opinions to
be conveyed to the review committee although if you've just found about
the review you've left your run a bit late.

Draft qualifications will be available for comment until the end of
November 2006. Feedback on draft units is currently being considered and
final versions of draft units will be loaded progressively towards the
end of November.

tml gives you a snapshot of where things are at. DL the pdf also.

Hope that puts all in the picture

Rob Swain
Gordon Institute

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Hi All,

Great discussion....

Since the 2004 exam I think this is the first time the real solution may
appearing. I do not think the content of the exam has been or is the

Is the VCE exam supposed to be directly related with the Cert III or is
just an avenue for scored assessment? Is it both?

As is, it looks like it cannot do both.

Can you test scripting without actually scripting anything?

Maybe the question should be that either ICPMM15DA Develop a multimedia
script is in Cert III or out? But what is multimedia without
video...a picture....lifeless..

It's not a VCE subject and cannot be watered down.

As per the performance criteria from ICPMM15DA	Develop a multimedia

2	Use scripting techniques to create a multimedia production

2.1	Identify a scripting language which involves I/O operations,
and 	file importation, and keyboard commands

2.2	Create and edit a script (programming) using object based script
(programming) language styles

2.3	Document events sequencing using a flow chart

2.4	Construct conditionals and loops using the scripting language

2.5	Produce and document a run time for a specific job

2.6	Save the script (programming) in the relevant file format for a
specific job

To be competent you have to be able to create a totally running script
takes input, has some elementary logic to manipulate data, and outputs a

The more recent objections to scripting in the exam seems to be because
this is just a few from the list) -

- it is causing trouble with students not being able to cope with it in
 - there is limited time to teach it..3hrs x6 weeks
 - its unfair for year 12 students to tackle such....
- the exam supposed to represent understanding of the whole course at
- Please let primary age kids focus on what they need to help them to
communicate with other human beings The tail's wagging the dog in a
sense. Industry wants this, Uni wants that.
- We all prioritize the emphasis when we deliver a course partially to
the demands of our students but the overriding or dominating force is
end of year exam.
- While everyone has a right to express theirs opinion, please be aware
some people who add to the list work for  private training institutions

None of these are relevant to Cert III only to VCE

When the 2004 exam hit there was a reaction that it did not fit the
competency. Now it seems that argument has been lost??? and the real
is becoming apparent.

Instead of trying to fit VCE into the training package how about fitting
training package to VCE. VET wants to be in VCE so it may have to adapt

Since joining PixelEd and the mailing list, I have only been able to
limited assistance, even though I have years of experience in the
and in teaching...why? because I have limited/no experience with MM in

VCE Cert III Multimedia is such a different thing compared to Cert III
Multimedia. It has a lot of baggage...

Maybe it time to introduce a scripting competency below the existing
just to introduce scripting into the VCE environment.

Is the training package is under review?

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