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Are we forgetting that these students are only 17 and have other VCE subjects, co – curricular activities and family and person lives to maintain. I have been delivering this program since its conception and not many of my students have gone into the industry after year 12. They use this course as a pathway into further study for multimedia/design/art. I would believe that most students do this or am I wrong? I don't think anyone doubts the importance of having scripting knowledge but the multimedia industry is large, some of my students who have completed the BA of multimedia design at Swinburne  and have gone into film, television, motion graphics and design, I think it is a narrow minded view to just assume that all good multimedia students and design needs scripting as a necessary skill. The development of good visual design is just as difficult as scripting, to achieve a harmonies work that relies on strong aesthetical elements is equally as challenging. To assume that this knowledge is only the ‘fun stuff’ is not true. These aspects take years to master, and display a strong sense of technically and aesthetic competence. It is one thing to know how to use Photoshop it is an entirely different challenge to develop strong visual design with it. Of course we want our students to excel and challenge themselves in all aspects of multimedia. The real issue is not the scripting it is what is on the examination and the fairness of what is being assessed. Also we want to cover all aspects of the course and scripting is only one part of the cert III, students are also assessed through three scored assessments during the year that allows them the opportunity to develop and demonstrate a diversity of their knowledge and skills. Equity of what is being assessed is what people are after.

Dean Pearman
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Caulfield Grammar School

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Hi all,
          I've been training Cert 2, 3 and diploma level multimedia for 
the past 3 years and working in the industry (clients etc) for 4 years. 
This is my final year of training students however as i will be 
venturing of into that big, murderous multimedia world to work for MYOB 
but i thought i might add my 2 cents too.
  I felt that there wasn't enough emphasis on programming in the exam or 
in the course in general. I personally tried to train my students in a 
way that would give them actual skills that are relevant for industry, 
as well of course, as meeting competencies. And while i agree design is 
important, i fell that its only about 20% of most jobs.
You just need to look at it.seek.com etc to see that 98% of jobs in the 
industry require more than awesome photoshop and design skills. In fact 
i'd say 80% don't even care if you are good at design, they want you to 
be a programmer.
Its extremely hard in the industry to find a job that is purely design 
and even if you do they are usually the lowest paying jobs.
Design is the fun stuff and it's a lot easier to keep students 
attention with fun things, but as far as vocational training goes, i 
feel programming is a much more important skill for students to walk 
away with. 

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