[vet-mm] 3in6 Succession Planning

Keith Richardson keithcr at fastmail.fm
Tue Mar 28 16:35:34 EST 2006

Interested Teachers Invited to Join the inaugral "2006-3in6 Management

Now that the 3in6 video competition is successfully up-and-running, I
feel that it is necessary to set in place a succession plan.
I believe that the best approach might be for us to form a 3in6
Management Group. This would spread the load, and broaden the base of
involvement in decision-making. There are some things that should be
done to make 3in6 more successful, but I am personally spread too
thinly, so here is an opportunity for others to become involved.

This would have, say, 3-5 people in it, with duties and responsibilities
and authorities and a chairperson elected by the group.
The management group would divide up the tasks, set reasonable deadlines
for completion, meeting times and so on.

Communication-Medium could perhaps be a Moodle site that one of the
management members has running successfully on their school server, open
to the Internet. Maybe, perhaps, the Moodle setup on the Openlab server,
that houses the 3in6 website at the moment? 

We would set up a Course (called "3in6-2006-management") with restricted
membership - the Management Group, and operate most of the coordination
using both forum and group-chat Moodle-sessions removing the need to
travel geographically.

Please email me if you are interested (it does not matter where you live
- the only requirement is to be genuine and interested), by, say, Friday
31st March.

I do hope that we get many offers, but let's see what happens!

Keith Richardson. VITTA-3in6-2006 Coordinator.

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