[vet-mm] A Business-Logo Design Exercise

Claire rcmhome at optusnet.com.au
Mon Mar 20 14:48:03 EST 2006

Hi Keith,
It's almost zodiac-like, in fact the site does have a Feng Shui section.
Says I'm 'water beads', too, clearly relating to my life long support of 
the Mighty Blues!
I can't see any hexadecimal codes, I guess because it relates to paint 
and interior design, rather than web design etc.

Another really interesting site related to colour is
Allows you to view pages as they would be seen by people (mainly men) 
with different types of colour blindness. Doesn't work on all pages but 
I get the kids to check something simple such as Google.
It can be a bit slow, but the students find it fascinating. The image 
examples on the site are really interesting.
Claire :-)

Keith Richardson wrote:

>Claire - it saya I am 'Water Beads' plus 'Leather, stone & Wood' - what
>are you?
>Ciao, Keith
>PS my kids should love this activity!
>PPS - does the site provide the #HTML colour code for any of the results
>do you know?

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