[vet-mm] Moderator to manage the list

Kevork Krozian kevork at edulists.com.au
Thu Mar 9 17:00:30 EST 2006

 Hi Folks,

    I hope you are all winding down to a pleasant holiday shortly ..

In the interests of keeping things running nicely I have asked Claire
Bloom from Warrandyte High School to help manage the VET Multimedia List
in the role of Moderator. She comes well qualified, having been involved
with MM since its inception and in case you missed it, one of her students
last year earned a study score of 50 ! ( Vernon Spokes from Forest Hill
College had the only other student to also score a 50 ! )

Claire has kindly accepted and will be looking after matters on this list
such as:
       1. Adherence to netiquette guidelines ( see www.edulists.com.au)
       2. Encouraging and cultivating a dynamic environment for the
exchange of ideas and resources
       3. Putting out any fires if flaming gets out of control on the list.

  In the end , this list is what we all make it. Whilst, I will still be
in the background somewhere, I ask you all to give her every support you
can in her new role.

Best Wishes

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