[vet-mm] Actionscripting or Javascript?

Susan Bell Susan.Bell at wesleycollege.net
Thu Jun 29 15:35:53 EST 2006

Hi Mario,
I teach action script but I think it depends on what you feel
comfortable with. Technically there is not meant to be any bias between
JavaScript ActionScript or Lingo, just skill the students up as best you
can and the only way to do that is to be comfortable with the language
you teach.
Cheers, Sue

>>> myannaka at bigpond.net.au 06/29/06 2:33 PM >>>
I need to know a show of hands as to whether I should be teaching
or Actionscript for CERT III?

Whichever one I choose, I need to know to what extent I teach !!!

For example should I be teaching arrays and classes or just simple
if...then...else, loops and functions?


Can somebody help me?


Yours sincerely,


Mario Yannakakis

VET-MM - Cert 2 and Cert 3 

Heatherhill Secondary College



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