[vet-mm] flash problem

claire rcmhome at optusnet.com.au
Mon Jun 5 22:25:45 EST 2006

The mystery deepens - I guess at least you are getting a message to say 
the file hasn't saved. Ours appear perfectly normal, until the next time 
you open it and discover there's nothing there!!
Claire :-)

Kevin Feely wrote:

> Hi Claire,
> yep, just started to see something like that here. We run Xp on Novell 
> 6.5
> With flash kids will be ok then when some go to save they get "failed 
> to save document" and cannot then save anywhere, even locally.
> I have found if they save to a different folder with a different name 
> they can get it saved.
> Or when they go to save "Network drive not available" but then cancel 
> and try again and its OK?
> kev

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