[vet-mm] flash problem

Jeanean Pritchard jpritchard at highview.vic.edu.au
Mon Jun 5 11:17:08 EST 2006

All of our kids save across the network, and it rarely is a problem. I am fairly technically ignorant so I don't have anything much to add to this conversation. Sorry.

>>> rcmhome at optusnet.com.au 06/03/06 05:44pm >>>

Our kids too have to copy work to the teacher drop boxes, can't save to 
them, but the Flash problem doesn't seem to relate to rights and 
as it happens to my techie and I too. We have top level access to 

Looking at it another way, do other schools using Flash MX or 8, have 
students save across the network, or does everyone else expect kids to 
save to the local hard drive or USB memory key?

Slow problem was with Katie's Macs. However, we did investigate whether 
network traffic might be causing our problem, but once again it has 
happened after hours when noone is on the network and no scheduled 
events such as back ups or downloads etc are occuring. As I said, it is 
driving me nuts because even if it can't be fixed, I want to know what 
causes it and why only Flash and why so randomly??

Claire :-)

Glenn Drew wrote:

> Hi Claire, not sure if this is relevant to your problem. It could be a 
> network-setting-priviliges thing. Have you spoken to your technicians?
> At our school, when you save a file from within an application to 
> another network location (Windows network and operating system), you 
> get a file name but 0kb file size.. Students can save into their own 
> u:\ drive location no problem, but to submit work for assessment to 
> our 'Student Assessment' folder which is on a dedicated network drive, 
> they have to copy the file using windows explorer - helps with file 
> management skills too! The slow problem is most likely some other 
> network activity or something in the students actionscript, as Paul 
> suggested.
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