[vet-mm] flash problem

Glenn Drew gedrew at westnet.com.au
Sat Jun 3 17:11:42 EST 2006

Hi Claire, not sure if this is relevant to your problem. It could be a 
network-setting-priviliges thing. Have you spoken to your technicians?
At our school, when you save a file from within an application to another 
network location (Windows network and operating system), you get a file name 
but 0kb file size.. Students can save into their own u:\ drive location no 
problem, but to submit work for assessment to our 'Student Assessment' 
folder which is on a dedicated network drive, they have to copy the file 
using windows explorer - helps with file management skills too! The slow 
problem is most likely some other network activity or something in the 
students actionscript, as Paul suggested.

Glenn Drew

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> Hi Paul,
> I thought I had sent details of my strange problem to the list, but 
> mustn't have? (report writing stress!!)
> Excuse the long post, but if anyone can solve or even logically explain 
> what is going on, I'd be rapt!
> The problem is really random. Kids save work across the network to their 
> home directory and 9 times out of 10, it's OK. But every so often, it will 
> appear to save, they shut down or just go out of Flash and when they 
> return to open the file, it is empty - looking at it in explorer reveals a 
> file size of 0 Kbs.

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