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Paul Sijpkes sijp at knox.vic.edu.au
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Hi Claire,

This is very unusual, my students all save to the network and none of
them have this problem, it seems especially ridiculous considering that
Flash is made to run off the web.  Does it do this for both FLA and SWF
You can try mapping the network drive to a free drive letter like I: or
H: (I'm assuming you're using Windows, if you were using Macs I doubt
you'd have this problem, sorry Microsoft fans).  If this doesn't work
try getting the students to use a USB flash disk and working off that

Sorry this is all I can suggest at the moment.  Now I need to go mark my
75 exams.  Looking forward to a lovely weekend...


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Hi Paul,
I thought I had sent details of my strange problem to the list, but
mustn't have? (report writing stress!!)
Excuse the long post, but if anyone can solve or even logically explain
what is going on, I'd be rapt!

The problem is really random. Kids save work across the network to their
home directory and 9 times out of 10, it's OK. But every so often, it
will appear to save, they shut down or just go out of Flash and when
they return to open the file, it is empty - looking at it in explorer
reveals a file size of 0 Kbs.
The size of the file, the amount of space in the home directory, the
level of user, contents of the flash file, time of day, phase of the
moon, the colour of your eyes.... seem to make no difference. It's
happened to me as an admin level user- I make a tiny sample file to
lodge on the resource drive for kids to examine and it saves as 0!!

I've searched high and low and found some hints that others have
experienced similar, references to using save as and save and compact,
but neither option has helped.

My work around has been to get kids to save to the Desktop ( a real NO
NO usually) and then copy to home directory. Problem is, if they forget
to copy, then they lose the work anyway as the desktop is cleaned each
When they do this I've noted a strange thing also occurs - say they try
to save firstly to home dir, file size shows up as 0, so they make no
changes and save as to desktop with the same name and file is actually
40 Kb, copy desktop file to home dir and it says do you want to replace
file (the one in the home dir) size 35 Kb-not 0 (which it really is)
with file (desktop) size 40 Kb- so the phantom home dir file which has
no content, is seen as being a different size to the exact same file
saved to desktop. It's crazy!!

Macromedia just say "no saving across network-tough" Maybe so, but I'd
like to know why kids can save huge photoshop or audio files across the
network, but a 30KB flash file is destroyed (but only sometimes)

I can't believe that of all the schools, colleges and institutions
across the world that use Flash, I am the only one that wants students
to save across the network. Nuts!!!

> In regard to saving on the Network...
> What are you saving?  Where are you saving too?  What is the exact
> problem you are having?            
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