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Jeanean Pritchard jpritchard at highview.vic.edu.au
Mon Jul 31 13:47:09 EST 2006

I've read some interesting replies to this problem and I have learnt a few things! We also have the same problem sometimes, but it is always because a student has ran out of drive space. Unfortunately they don't get the chance to clean up their drive before losing work! 

Next time this happens, I'll try to get them to save onto the local drive first, then make some drive space!

Thanks all, and thanks Marion!

Jeanean Pritchard
Head of Arts
Highview Christian Community College
Maryborough Victoria
jpritchard at highview.vic.edu.au

>>> stoney.marian.sy at edumail.vic.gov.au 07/29/06 05:31pm >>>
Hi all,
Maybe someone could help me with this Photoshop issue. At school we have Photoshop 7 on the networked PCs (Windows XP, Novell network). We occasionally have a problem with a .psd that will not open even though there is a thumbnail preview  visible there in  the Photoshop Open File dialogue box. We get the message:
Could not open "filename.psd" because unexpected end-of-file was encountered.
In the past this has only occurred occasionally, so did not cause much concern, but the other day one student could not open any of his psd files, and a second student could not open the work she had recently created and correctly saved and closed.
I'd appreciate any hints on this one,

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