[vet-mm] Photoshop problem

Stoney, Marian Sy stoney.marian.sy at edumail.vic.gov.au
Sat Jul 29 17:31:08 EST 2006

Hi all,
Maybe someone could help me with this Photoshop issue. At school we have Pho=
toshop 7 on the networked PCs (Windows XP, Novell network). We occasionally=
 have a problem with a .psd that will not open even though there is a thumbn=
ail preview  visible there in  the Photoshop Open File dialogue box. We get=
 the message: 
Could not open "filename.psd" because unexpected end-of-file was encountered=
In the past this has only occurred occasionally, so did not cause much conce=
rn, but the other day one student could not open any of his psd files, and a=
 second student could not open the work she had recently created and correct=
ly saved and closed.
I'd appreciate any hints on this one,

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