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I would love to know what you have found out about mobile phone art etc.
Kids adore their phones and anything to do with them - I'd love your


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It makes total sense to me to include it as an area for students to
research.... The multimedia industry is constantly changing, which is
part of the fun of it... But it also means we need to provide our
students with opportunities to explore cutting edge stuff... I know I
will ruffle some feathers looking at some mobile phone art stuff, and I
had pod casting on my list of things to explore further.

I am sure given the limited time we all have podcasting etc could play a
huge part in learning into the future. I have used some video casts of
tutorials, and interested in seeing some upcoming pod casts from an
online conference aimed at students at http://www.cybertext.net.au
See further details below.

Hope that ramble makes sense...

Suzanne Arnott
Elisabeth Murdoch College
Photography and Multimedia Coordinator
Assistant Manager, Learning Technologies

Last chance for your primary or secondary students to submit a paper or
website for iNet's first international student-only online conference on
personalising learning, to be held from Monday 6 March to Friday 17
March 2006 

Extended deadline for papers: Friday 17 February 2006 (or earlier if

CONFERENCE: http://www.cybertext.net.au/studentreg06.htm


Monday 6 February 2005

Dear Education Colleague, 

As a teacher, principal or headteacher, you are invited to pass this
invitation on to teaching colleagues in your own school and interested
colleagues in other schools.

Educators world-wide are warmly invited to enrol their students (primary
and secondary) in iNet's first online conference for students. The aim
of the conference is to seek students' views of each of the nine
gateways to personalising learning, as described by Professor David
Hargreaves (UK) in his recent book, Personalising Learning: Next Steps
in Working Laterally (2004). After the student conference has concluded,
adult educators and school governors will have a chance to review what
the students have written, and discuss this online, during an Adult
Review Week. Online registration websites for both the Student Online
Conference and the Adult Review Week are provided above.


Students are invited to participate in several ways. First, they can
write an essay-style paper, which will be published on the online
conference website. Second, as a group, they can prepare a presentation
on one of the nine questions we'll be addressing in the conference and
mount it on your school's website (the questions are provided below).
Third, they can volunteer as Online Discussion Moderators, whose role is
to encourage online discussion by other participants. Fourth, they can
volunteer to be part of a small Student Evaluation Panel that selects
the most interesting paper each day and writes a very short report
explaining the decision.  Fifth, they can volunteer to host a 'hot
seat', where an inspirational guest (yet to be selected) will answer
questions from all online conference participants over three four-hour
sessions. Sixth, they can simply participate by reading the other
students' papers and website presentations and then engage in the daily
online discussions.  All of these activities can be undertaken by
individual students or teams of students OR be offered by teachers as
supervised classroom-based activities.


SECURITY. For security/privacy reasons, students' full names will not be
published on the online conference website.  Students will be required
to identify themselves simply by their first name, their age, their
school and their country, e.g., Mary, 18, St Matthews RC Primary School,
United Kingdom. Although 'head and shoulders' photos are permitted,
students' email addresses or other personal contact details will not be
published, under any circumstances, on the website.

TEACHERS TO REGISTER STUDENTS. Teachers are invited to register students
aged 18 and under (only) as online conference participants (students MAY
NOT register themselves). An Adult Review Week will be held, for
teachers, headteachers, governors and principals, after the student-only
online conference has concluded, with an online forum to discuss what
can be learned from the students. 

The Student Online Conference will be active 24-hours a day for nine
week days, with an extra reading-only day provided at the end. We are
hoping to feature a wide range of papers to stimulate online discussion
and debate. Each day participants will have the opportunity to discuss
papers and website presentations online. Each day we will focus one of
the following questions and there will be an associated 24-hour online
discussion on that question.

1. STUDENT VOICE:  Why is student voice important? What difference will
giving students a voice make? Monday 6 March 2006

2. ASSESSMENT FOR LEARNING: Feedback on how to improve is more useful
than a mark or grade. Do you agree?  Tuesday 7 March 2006

3. LEARNING TO LEARN:   How do you learn best - do you know?  Is it
important that you know? Wednesday 8 March 2006

4. NEW TECHNOLOGY:   What new opportunities does technology bring for
learning? Thursday 9 March 2006

5. CURRICULUM:  What do you think should be learnt in school? Friday 10
March 2006

6. SCHOOL ORGANISATION AND DESIGN:  In an ideal world how would schools
be designed and organised? Monday 13 March 2006

7. WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENTS:  Other than teachers - are there other
'educators' that could play a significant role in your learning? Tuesday
14 March 2006

8. MENTORING AND COACHING:  What support do you think you should have to
guide, advise and assist you in your learning? Wednesday 15 March 2006

9. ADVICE AND GUIDANCE:  The choices you make early in life are
important and can shape your future - what advice and guidance do you
need, who should give it and how should you access it?  Thursday 16
March 2006

READING ONLY DAY: Friday 17 March 2006


ADULT REVIEW WEEK: Monday 20 March - Sunday 26 March 2006 (24 hours a


Essay-style papers from 500 to 2,000 words are invited from primary and
secondary students in all countries.

These should be emailed directly to the Online Conference Manager, Ms
Debra Brydon, at: brydon at cybertext.net.au by Friday 17 February 2006.
Papers should be provided either as plain email text messages or as
attached Word documents (not html). Papers should not include any
formatting, such as columns or boxes. Text can include italics and/or
bold but should not use capitalisation, coloured text or underlining for
extra emphasis. The use of tables or graphs should be avoided
altogether, with the relevant information being fully explained as text.
The titles of papers should be kept reasonably short and should seek to
provide readers with a clear indication of the paper's content. A
synopsis of the paper at the beginning is not mandatory but would be
appreciated. References, where necessary, may be included at the end.
Please do not use footnotes.

Students who submit papers are encouraged to email a 'passport style'
'head and shoulders' colour photo of themselves for publication with the
paper.  All accompanying graphics or photos must be attached separately
as JPEG files and not embedded in the text file.

Student art-work can be also sent with the essay/paper, so long as it is
sent separately as a high resolution JPEG file (not embedded in the

Essay-style papers must not include identifiable references to
individual teachers or other students or any information that would
provide the writer's personal contact details (other than the name of
the student's school and the country it is located in).

DO YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS? For further information on submitting a paper
to the student online conference or your participation in the Adult
Review Week, please contact the Online Conference Manager, Debra Brydon,
at: brydon at cybertext.net.au. If possible, PLEASE CONFIRM that your
students are able to provide an essay/paper by the deadline or are
considering submitting one.

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Dear group,

I'd like your input : )

Do you think podcasting or videocasting is something that
teachers/students use as a resource for tutorials? Especially the ones
in iTunes or embedded into webpages.

I'm developing some free animation tutorials (Monkey Jam) which I'll be
sharing : ) but I'm not sure how far should I take it, should I even

Many thanks.


Michael Abulencia
Education Program Assistant
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