[vet-mm] Digital Still Camera batteries

ARNOTT Suzanne SA at emc.vic.edu.au
Fri Feb 24 09:50:37 EST 2006

The benefits I have found with the rechargeable nimh batteries is that
the cameras can be constantly used. No waiting for recharging of the
built in ones.

Upsides to Nimh rechareables
Getting cheaper
No battery life memory, so you can recharge when half full and it will
still have a full charge (not a half charge like the old AA
You can use them in other appliances if needed.
You can get a fast charger.
I have had a set of 4 NiMh batteries power my digital SLR and take over
1 gig of photos (2x512MB cards)
You can take spares if away from a power supply

Down side, 
you have to remember to have them charged, 
they have a limited life
They don't last as long as a correctly recharged built in lithium.

I use rechargeable NiMh batteries both in a school situation and at home
for my digital cameras.
My tip if you go the AA NiMh way is to spend a little more and get
really good ones. It does make a difference. I am about to replace many
of my older batteries that have been used constantly for a couple of
years. Some cameras work better with the rechargeable lithiums, it
depends on the camera sometimes. 

Hope this doesn't make it too confusing....

We have a set of class cameras, as well as cameras staff can borrow, and
a couple that stay with me and my multimedia - so anything else I can
help you with let me know :)


Suzanne Arnott
Elisabeth Murdoch College
Photography and Multimedia Coordinator
Assistant Manager, Learning Technologies

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Hi all,

We are about to buy 6 digital still cameras and I'm debating between
cameras with AA batteries or the built in Lithium ones.

Has anyone got an opinion either way?  I've used both and aren't sure
either way



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