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Theoretically, a student can re-do the competency until the trainer is
satisfied that they are competent. This may be 5 times, 10 times, or 20
times. In a commercial environment, if they were not competent after say the
second time, you would send them off to do some more training (at their
cost) and then re-assess them when they felt they were ready again (again at
their cost). 

Naturally this is not feasible in a school environment (although it would be

Perhaps one double period or so can be set aside on the last day of each
term for students such as this to be re-assessed. It isn't an easy one, but
students should be given the opportunity to be re-assessed as often as

Allan Barnes.


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> Hi All
> Can anyone help?
> If a student fails to achieve one or many competencies in a VET subject 
> then  the student resits that competency until he/she achieves it, 
> correct?
> If a student fails to achieve a unit of competencies then a student 
> repeats that Unit, correct?
> How many times can a student redo a competency?
> In the practical school situation ONCE for a unit and what a bout an 
> individual competency?
> This is a practical problem in the school situation.
> Regards
> Michael Altamore

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