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Rob Swain RSwain at gordontafe.edu.au
Tue Aug 22 16:01:03 EST 2006

I solve most of these sorts of issues with Flash - its cross-browser
compatible and usually lightweight.
The only drawback with using Flash is that you should warn people
(web-etiquette) that they need the Flash Player to view Flash content.
You should also publish where possible to an older version of the Flash
player to catch people with an outdated player installed.

It sounds like there is just 1 sound file in this case - easiest thing
would be to create a small Flash movie that contains the audio file
(File>Import to Stage, then Publish). No need for XML. If you publish
correctly it should be a very small filesize swf.
Then using Dreamweaver or similar, put the swf onto the html page.
If it's a background sound for a page, you could even make the Flash
file 1px x 1px to match the bg colour of the html page and then you can
unobtrusively insert it anywhere.
If you want to control the sound (on/off/pause/volume/pan
left&right/fade etc) then add some buttons to the swf and use the
soundObject to control the sound.

If the audio needs to be high quality and the resulting filesize is
large, then it is good web-etiquette (again) to warn the user before the
page loads. Something like 'click here to listen to Beethoven's Fifth,
note filesize is ???Kb', then onclick load a new html page with the
audio on it (a swf).

As a completely different alternative - I had a client who needed a
website that gave the user the option of playing (quite) a large number
of MP3's and we couldn't use Flash.
The web page simply contained hyperlinks to the different MP3's and the
user clicked the link to start each sound playing using the default
player linked to the browser. No Flash in site (sight, get it, haha).
It worked very well, here's the code
<a href="mp3/europeReport.mp3" target="_blank"><img
src="media/iconaudio.gif" alt="Listen to the Europe report" width="20"

Rob Swain
VET Co-ordinator - Multimedia


School of Art, Design & ICT - Multimedia Dept
Gordon Institute of TAFE

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Hmm... embedded objects.

Did you get the parameters of Autoplay(optional) or Controller set to
If it is in IE too, maybe have a script (javascript) to reference the
file instead of just embedding it.

Another alternative, which can get tricky, is using one of those Flash
mp3 file players that are driven by XML.

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>>> "Jones, Mark A" <jones.mark.a at edumail.vic.gov.au> 22/08/2006 14:45
Hi everyone

I have been trying to incorporate a sound file into a Dreamweaver HTML
page without much success so far. The route I have been using is via the
media plugin. The control panel shows but the sound file will not play.
Does anyone have any ideas.

Mark Jones
Cann River P-12 College

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