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Jeanean Pritchard jpritchard at highview.vic.edu.au
Thu Aug 3 10:49:07 EST 2006

I gather my information from all over the place, but I have found that
the binary blue resources are the closest match for covering the areas
needed for the exam.

As far as books go, there is a book on Multimedia by Tay Vaughn.
Probably getting a bit old now, but it covers the theory very well. It
isn't a book that you could directly use with your students, as there is
a lot of information there that isn't relevant and also quite complex. I
used it for my own reference to help me understand concepts to pass on
to students.

There are also others that I have used, but I have found them too
brief. I'm interested in what others have to say about this as well.

Jeanean Pritchard
Head of Arts
Highview Christian Community College
Maryborough Victoria
jpritchard at highview.vic.edu.au

>>> mdennis at mentoneggs.vic.edu.au 08/03/06 10:16am >>>
I know this is a question that bounces around the mailing list
occasionally, and I apologise for bringing it up again.  Does anyone
have any suggestions on any books that might help with the theory for
VET Multimedia, Certificate III?  Basically, something that
comprehensively covers the areas needed for the exam?



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