[vet-mm] liquid layout

Rob Swain RSwain at gordontafe.edu.au
Wed Aug 2 10:08:58 EST 2006

Could be that an image is in one/some of the cells - this will stop the
cell from resizing smaller than the image it contains. Check for
invisible images too.
Could also be that there are specific pixel sizes allocated for the
columns (and/or rows) of the table - these may be in addition to the
overall table size that you have specified. These will prevent columns
from resizing as you wish, and therefore the whole table.
Could also be that the table (or elements within it) is formatted using
styles (possibly internal if you are using a DW template) - this could
be overiding your overall table setting.

I suggest you create your own table from scratch using DW, that way you
will have control over all elements within it.

Rob Swain

School of Art, Design & ICT - Multimedia Dept

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Hi list,
I've been trying to do a liquid layout with one of the students
dreamweaver template pages and have been using a table and changing it
to percent - which should mean it resizes automatically. However, the
table isn't resizing to fit larger/smaller monitors. Does anyone know
what is going wrong?
Cheers, Sue


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