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Ivy Siew ivy at tootega.com.au
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Hi all,

I just had a look at some video resources and came across this. For those
who would like to know more about video and all its jargon, I'm a big fan of
Lynda books and all their teaching resources. They've got a CD-ROM - Digital
Video Principal that is quite good. It talks about frame rates, video
format, aspect ratio, storage requirements, colors, computer graphics,
digital audio, etc....it is affordable.

I find that all their resources are very clear in their explanations. It
might help those schools who's planning to develop a film unit or just
wanted to integrate video into their curriculum to learn some basic
terminologies and concepts. Also, for those who's thinking about entering
video competition like 3in6 for example. Just my two sense. Here's the link
if you're interested.


You can always visit Lynda.com - great place to download some free sample
videos of training as well.

This is not an advertisement of any sort.  I'm a user myself and thought
I'll share a resource that I'd purchased recently.  Hope you will find this
useful.  Feel free to email me if you want some tips or reference to more
video materials.


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