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ARNOTT Suzanne SA at emc.vic.edu.au
Tue Sep 13 09:31:58 EST 2005

Allan has the follow on text for Cert III as well... it works well,
means the kids have evidence of the units in a neat package.... (mine
also have a visual diary and save their work into their network folder)
good luck

Suzanne Arnott
Elisabeth Murdoch College
Photography and Multimedia Coordinator
Assistant Manager, Learning Technologies

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Dear all,
We are running the CERT III course in 2006 and were wondering what
resources are now available? I taught Cert II in 2004 and found Allan
Barnes text a great backstop - the info and help gained from this email
llist was also invaluable, and I managed to put the course together as a
complete novice to the area.
I have kept copies of emails pertaining to CERT III but wondered if
there was now a textbook - some of our intending students want a more
detailed look at what is in the course.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. And thanks to everyone for their
help in the past.
Pam Richmond
Mallacoota P-12 College

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