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Frank RUSSO FR at monterey.vic.edu.au
Mon Sep 12 15:38:42 EST 2005

Daniel is great to work with and the equipment he has access to is

The kids would love it !!

Frank Russo

>>> SA at emc.vic.edu.au 12/09/2005 3:01:59 pm >>>
Hi gang,
Got this in my inbox today... Looks greatafter a quick read through,
me know off the list if you want me to pass on the zipped info
(sa at emc.vic.edu.au) or contact Cube 37 direct (see below).

My name is Daniel Flood and I am currently the new media artist in
residence at the Frankston Arts Centre. I would like to take this
opportunity to inform you of an exciting new art's project we are
to launch; Digital Graffiti.

In the coming months a series of new media arts workshops will be
offered to the youth of the Frankston and Mornington Peninsula region,
and as an organisation or agency that works with youth, this is an
opportunity to involve your young people.

Attached is an information pack outlining the program and fax back
Please take the time to read through the information pack or forward
the appropriate people. If you have any concerns or queries, please do
not hesitate to contact me at the details below.

The fax back form is a convenient way to get a young person involved,
but not the only means. Feel free to call or email and I'd be happy to
discuss ways to involve your young people.


Daniel Flood
Digital Graffiti - Artist In Residence
Cube 37 - Frankston Arts Centre
P.      9784 1718
E.      Daniel.Flood at frankston.vic.gov.au 
M.      0407 532 387

Suzanne Arnott
Elisabeth Murdoch College
Photography and Multimedia Coordinator
Assistant Manager, Learning Technologies

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