[vet-mm] IDEA student sample work CD

Lidia Nowara now at pvgc.vic.edu.au
Thu Sep 8 08:50:47 EST 2005

Dear Paul,

I tried to reply to you about this personally rather than replying to the 
whole list but had my email bounce back. Is there a better way of doing 
this rather than having everyone on the list receive all the requests?

I would like to take you up on your very generous offer of the IDEA CD. I 
would love a copy. Three copies would be great, but one would do if I'm 
allowed to copy it.


Lidia Nowara
Pascoe Vale Girls College
Lake Avenue
Pascoe Vale Vic. 3044
ph. 9306 2544
Fax. 9306 8108
email. now at pvgc.vic.edu.au

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