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Rachelle McLean rachelle.mclean at rmit.edu.au
Wed Sep 7 14:07:45 EST 2005

Hi Dean,

The PixelEd committeee had a meeting the other night and we discussed the Top Multimedia competition and the possibility of producing a student work CD.  Here are the comments and suggestions made...

Top Multimedia
I mentioned to you the comments made by the ACMI staff when I took students to view the installation about animation work must be interactive.  We feel that not only was it wrong for the ACMI staff member to berate me about this but the VETMM Cert III animation unit is CUFIMA03A Create 2D digital animation.  It doesn't ask for interactive animation and would only be significantly interactive if teachers combined the unit with Scripting. 

 One member said she had a student last year enter and his was interactive, and he scored a 50, but it was rejected.  She felt that further guidelines were required.

Another member said that the vast majority of his students didn't have a strong artistic background but more an IT one.  He said their work was fantastic from a usability perspective, but didn't look as pretty as those that were on display last year.  He felt that the competition should not lean so much towards the artistic side of things

I think the biggest reason why there is sucha lack of entries is that teachers are not confident that what they are doing is hitting the mark, which is why we need the student work CD.

student work CD
For the CD to be useful the CD needs to contain the design brief, the visual diary work, notes from the teacher about their ability to problem solve and meet deadlines (all the assessment criteria), and the actual product/portfolio.

For students and teachers that wish to eb involved there would be a lot of effort.  I think to encorage more to contribute we would need to make it worth their while, ie. a financial incentive, however if they are using copyright free sounds/music/images, they normally given permission where no profit is made by the use of the free sounds/music/images, which makes it all very tricky.

What you could do is use the material submitted to the Top Multimedia and turn that into a CD.

I have asked my work if we could be involved in helping to put the CD together.  They seemed willing, though we'd have to thrash it out a bit more.

So, what do you think?


Rachelle McLean
lab.3000 - innovation in digital design
(03) 9654 6970

>>> DP at crcsydenham.net 5/09/2005 3:19 pm >>>
Hi All,

Please find attached the selection form for VET Multimedia season of
excellence 2006.  I encourage all VET Multimedia teachers to submit students
work that is likely to receive a high score.


Dean Pearman
Visual Arts Educator
Catholic Regional College Sydenham
Senior V.C.E. Campus
380 Sydenham Road, 
Sydenham, 3037
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dp at crcsydenham.net [w]

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